Ecotourism International's affiliate, Sanders International, prepares market assessments, feasibility studies, business plans, investment proposals and policy analyses for alternative energy and environmental projects. Many of these alternative energy and environmental technologies are important components of successful ecotourism projects. They not only reduce life-cycle costs and facilitate permitting processes, but can also be integral parts of the overall visitor experience and marketing message.

Ed Sanders, co-founder and President of Sanders International, is currently serving as part-time CFO of and providing consulting services for HOMER energy, provider of the world's leading software for optimizing hybrid energy systems, with over 80,000 users in 183 countries. He previously spent six months as a consultant to Global Clean Energy serving as interim Chief Operating Officer and helping position it to begin trading as a fully reporting OTC company. He has prepared alternative energy road maps, alternative energy projects, and did the business planning and most of the investor recruitment for an innovative, 50 MW integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) private power plant in India.

Sanders International has also managed several large environmental promotion and project development programs, including multi-year, multi-million dollar environmental technology transfer programs funded by the U.S. Government in Central Europe and South Asia. In the course of administering these programs, Ed gained wide experience in a broad array of environmental technologies, including market potential, licensing and project development opportunities, and funding sources and options.